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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two Newsletters for the Price of One, Because I Am Forgetful

Weeeell, I forgot to put last week's newsletter up on the blog at all. Oops! News for the weeks of 1.24 and 1.30.13 to follow.

Please forgive. :-)

News for the Week of 1.24.13: Nadya, Three Dances, Webhouse, and Twitter

Greetings friends and readers!

So many exciting things to talk about I wonder if I can possibly keep this short. But here goes!

First off: Nadya is about to head off to my early readers! I’ve also got a hand-drawn cover mockup ready for Wattpad, so as soon as I get enough positive feedback to be reasonably certain I’m not going to change the first chapter drastically, it’ll be up for you to read. I’m all abuzz, because I think you’re going to love it.

Second: Three Dances is moving along splendidly! I’ve got all the artwork finished, and I’ve been working on page design for the e-book version. It’s. Going. To. Be. AWESOME! I can’t believe how well some of my experiments are turning out. It’s nothing like Soulwoven or Nadya---it’s a weirder, harder book for an older audience---but I’m incredibly proud of it, and I can’t wait for it to go out into the world. I’ve targeted March 1 for a release date (admittedly, it’s an aggressive target, and one I may miss), which means I may start putting stories from it up on Wattpad as soon as next week!

Thirdly: I’m having great fun as an editor these days. Last week I did a Twitter chat with some of the people I work with at Carina Press, and it was an absolute blast. We’re doing another one at the end of the month (1/31) from 2pm to 3pm EST using the hashtag #carinachat. If you’re on Twitter, come by and ask us questions! It’s a great way to get answers about publishing straight from the horses’ mouths.

Fourthly: My website is ready! After months of cobbling and tinkering with it in my spare time, I’m finally confident that it’s not going to spring a leak and sink into the Internet’s harbor, so it’s time to launch it. You can check it out at

And oh yeah! Soulwoven continues to roll along and pick up new reads, votes, and fans. We’re up to nearly 140,000 reads already. I promise the Aleani language primer soon. And when it hits 200,000, I’ll post one for the Sh’ma.

Thanks for reading, loving, and believing.


New for the Week of 1.30.13: Quiescence, Nadya is Scary, and More Twitter

Greetings Friends and Readers!

It’s been a fairly quiet week. Mostly I’ve been fielding feedback on Nadya as it comes in (so far it’s 4/4 on being reported unputdownable), tweaking things on it, and fiddling with some short stories. I’d like to put the first chapter up for you soon.

In fact, I think I’ll do it tonight, as soon as I’m done writing this newsletter. The only reason I haven’t quite yet is that, frankly, I’ve heard such good things about it so far that I’ve become afraid of it. And that’s not a good reason to do or not to do anything, really.

Soulwoven is still quietly doing its thing. Interestingly, it’s been picking up fewer reads this week but more votes and comments than usual. I’m not sure what to make of that. A few weeks back there was a giant one-day spike in reads that I’m more inclined to attribute to some sort of reckoning in Wattpad’s system than anything else. So I’m wondering if it Wattpad might be on the blink again somehow. Bonus content still on the way. Sequel still on my to-revise list.

I whiffed on my call with my copy editor and now have to try to get ahold of her again before I can move forward on Three Dances, so that’s on hold for the moment as well, to my great frustration.

All in all a quiet week, I suppose. I’m not sure how it’s gotten to be Wednesday night already.

One final thing: tomorrow I’ll be doing an editor chat with the Carina Press on Twitter again. The topic is submissions, and we’ll be taking questions on the hashtag #CarinaChat from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. The last one we did was a lot of fun, so if you’re a Twitterer and you have any questions about the submitting to a publisher, come on over and ask away!

Thanks as always for all your support. I hope you enjoy Nadya, and I look forward very much to hearing what you think of her. :-)


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

News for the Week of 1.15.13: Montana, Nadya, and Many Reads

Greetings, Friends and Readers!

I am overdue for a newsletter. I hope you’ll forgive me. New and interesting things have been happening on several fronts. Work on Nadya continues. Its second draft (which I call the Cass draft, in honor of the wonderful woman to whom it is read during this stage of drafting) is nearly finished. I have had no luck whatsoever in finding cover artwork for it, which means I may soon have to resort to doing something for it myself---always a risky proposition.

Speaking of artwork, Three Dances is still stuck at the copy editing stage. I may soon employ drastic measures to get it finished.

And Soulwoven has been clipping along fantastically! You all, with your votes and your reads and your comments, are doing amazing things with it. I’ve been busy with other projects (mostly work and/or life-related, to be honest), and in my relative absence it has been flying. It crossed 100,000 reads on Christmas day. Three short weeks later, it has crossed 126,000. Nearly 1,700 people have read it in its entirety.

I am awed and humbled. Thank you for your support.

I spent the weekend in Montana, where Cass investigated a graduate program that involves placing GPS equipment on 6,000-meter peaks in Central Asia, and I investigated several varieties of beer, a mountain, the local bus system, and other sundries.

It was fun.

Soulwoven bonus content to come soon. It’s long overdue, and I am remiss in not posting it.

Love in the time of cold snap,

Thursday, January 3, 2013

News for the Week of 1.3.13: Soulwoven Crosses Six Figures, Incoming Red-Headed Sass Bomb, and an Interview to Check Out

Greetings, friends and readers!

Thanks for bearing with me while I took the holidays off. I’m happy to share that my head is feeling mostly better, and I’m writing again. It feels GREAT to be back behind the keyboard. I’ll be putting the first few chapters of Nadya up on Wattpad as soon as I can mock up up a cover for them (ping me if you’re interested in helping), just as a teaser to tide you over until I can get the final thing whipped into shape. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

In Soulwoven-related news, we’ve crossed the 100,000 reads mark! This is a big moment for me, as (in my head, anyway) it marks a boundary between “Should I publish this or not?” My relationship with Soulwoven has evolved significantly since I started writing it. It’s my first novel, and the things I’m trying to do in it (creating a complete secondary world, telling eight different sides of a complicated story in alternating points of view, and working in a pretty saturated genre) are wildly ambitious, given that. I’ve gone from seeing it as my ticket to the big-time to seeing it as a sort of off-beat, interesting, arty project that, if it finds great success, will find it through the love of a few dedicated fans and word of mouth, rather than through the enormous, heart-and-soul-powered mechanism that is the publishing industry.

Thanks again for being a part of it.

Three Dances is coming as soon as I can get these copy edits finished. You may also have noticed that I posted an interview with Gytha Lodge, author of The Fragile Tower. I plan to do more of these with some of Wattpad’s top-ranked authors, and they’re worth checking out. Gytha’s got a very interesting personal story involving a literary agency, a theatre award, and a stationery company.

And, of course, Happy New Year! All the best to you and yours, and thank you for bringing a little bit of your light to my world in 2012.