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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Print Version of Exile Ready!

Happy holidays, dearest readers!

I've got good news! The print version of Soulwoven: Exile is ready, so those of you who've been waiting to read it on paper can now order it! You can get it here.

And remember, if you leave a review of it on Amazon by the end of the year, you can enter to win a kick-ass personalized copy. Full rules here.

Thanks, as always, for your time and support. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy New Year to you all. I hope I've given you something wonderful to read this year.

Yours in sweat and ink as always,

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Update on Print Books of Soulwoven: Exile

Hello, dearest readers!

I know many of you are waiting for the print version of Soulwoven: Exile, so I wanted to give you a quick update. There have been delays at the printer and delays on account of holiday shipping, so the books are going to be late. I'm as disappointed about it as you are, but there it is.

The book should be ready next week, but it won't be available in time for Christmas, and there's a chance it won't be available until the end of the year.

In the meantime, you can get the e-book now! I know it's small consolation for those of you who wanted to get or give a big, beautiful, paper book this year, but it's the best I've got to offer.

Yours in ink and chocolate,

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why Wattpad?

I get a lot of questions from other authors about why I have work up on Wattpad. The most common is, "What do you get out of it?"

I've answered that in bits and pieces before. I get encouragement and feedback. I get to test stories before I decide what kind of a budget to set when I publish them. I get fans.

But Wattpad recently rolled out a new feature that will let me show you the primary thing I get in a way I haven't been able to before.

This is a map that shows where the Wattpad readers of Soulwoven are from. Darker countries have contributed a greater share of readers. White countries have contributed none.

And this is what I get.

Not the map. Bla bla business intelligence, yes, there's some information that's economically useful there, but it's not important.

The darkest country on this map is a place I can (and do) reach by self-publishing. But there are also a lot of countries on this map that I can't reach that way. Maybe most importantly, there aren't that many countries on this map with no shading.

Think about that for a second. Someone has read my writing in almost every country on Earth.

How many people in human history have ever been able to say that?

So the next time someone asks me, "Why Wattpad?" I will point them here with great happiness.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Soulwoven: Exile is OUT!

Ta-da! Today is LAUNCH day! Soulwoven: Exile is out in e-book form. The print version is nearly complete as well; I expect it to be ready next week.

In the meantime, a quick rundown of some of the launch-time fun things you can enjoy.

  • The Speculative Post gave it a fantastic review and hosted a guest post from yours truly on why it's a problem when the black guy dies.
  • Susan Spann let me take over her blog for a day to talk about why mystery and fantasy get along so well together.
  • The launch contest is in full effect, so get reading and reviewing for a chance at that hand-annotated copy!
  • The first book has had its price dropped to $0.99 so new readers can get up to speed quickly.

I'll add more to this post as they crop up. There are some other guest-posty type things coming down the pipe.

One more time: you can buy it here. Tell your friends! Leave reviews! Share it on social media! Buy everyone a copy for Christmas! It's a Soulwoven spectacular!

And more seriously, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it.