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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Wordle: 1/27/12

So it's been ten days since I posted. Many things have happened: I received a new, publishing-related job offer, which I shall be very happy to share details about once they have firmed up. I have decided to participate in what amounts to a Muay Thai bout with pads and started training for it. I submitted to a new agent and learned something very important about what I really need in an agent, and I've been working on my synopsis.

So without further ado: a wordle of the synopsis of Soulwoven!

As you can see, quite different from the wordle for the full draft. Note, specifically, the lack of the word "eyes." No room for silly description in a synopsis! It's all plot, all the time, baby. Also, you may notice that Litnig seems to have jumped into the lead in terms of importance. This is because the most important thing you can do when writing your synopsis (as chronicled here and here in my old blog) is to focus on one character, one arc, one storyline. Since Soulwoven opens with Litnig, he gets the focus in the synopsis.

Also interesting is that, because the synopsis is so short (3400 words, which equates to about 10 pages and is a decent length for a detailed synopsis), it's easy for words to jump out. "Grandfather," for instance, only appears in the description of two chapters. Yet it gets used enough times to merit inclusion here.

Synopses are a strange beast. They have to hit as many of the interesting bits as possible, in as short a space as possible, without confusing the reader. They remind me, in many ways, of the graphic novel scripts I've read--pared down to bare bones, with most of the space left open for the interpretation of someone else. Not my favorite form of writing, but it beats ad copy.

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