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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Wordle: 3/16/12, "September"

Wow, Friday already. I got painfully sick on Tuesday night, and that sort of dominated my whole week. Unpleasant.

I did, however, write a short story on Tuesday morning, all in one go, before the illness settled in. It was one of the ones that comes out pretty much fully-formed, just the way you like it, on the first try, and I'm rather excited about it.


The word "like" just kinda leaps out at you, doesn't it? I'm fairly certain that's because the story is written in first-person narration, and the word "like" appears in some of the narrator's favorite turns of phrase. Also, there's a severe lack of names. There are only three characters in the story, and only one of them has a name, and he's a cat.

That may contribute to the size of some of these other words.

But just look at all the great words squeezed into the middle of the football! Some of them are used only two or three times, I'm pretty sure. Maybe that makes for the best kind of Wordle--words used more than once, but not so often that they lose their meaning.

Maybe that makes for the best writing, actually.


Anyway, this short story makes the fifth that I've written since the bug bit me last August. I'm quite happy with all of them, and they share a lot of thematic elements--the supernatural mixed up with the mundane and a sense of the sublime hanging just out reach, grazed with the fingertips but gone before it can be comprehended.

A few of them are still out on submission to various magazines, but if none of them decide they're a good fit, I think I'm going to bundle them and put them out myself.

Keep an eye out for "Three Dances." It's gonna be sweet.

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