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Friday, May 18, 2012


I am exhausted.

Last week I paddled (well, floated, mostly) down a river in Utah for 45 miles together with 10 other people. We drove four vehicles several hundred miles each way to do it. It was beautiful, but somehow that seems wrong to me.

Since getting back, I have been juggling reading a particularly vexing submission (These, for the record, are the ones that are great in some ways and not-so-great in others, leaving me to try to decide whether I think I can work with the author well enough to create a strong whole. They are not the bad ones. Bad ones are easy) with making up for taking several days off of doing paying work. And I have been looking for a new apartment. I have not been writing much at all.

Somehow a whole week has gone by. I will be gone for much of the next three weeks, with little hope of getting any writing done then, either.

But I have been here.

 And here.
And I have been stealing moments of sleep to re-read Sandman, which feels somehow right and makes me happy.

These are good things, and I shall focus on them while the summer goes by and eventually, my life becomes cold and windy and calmer again in the fall.

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