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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Grand Experiment: Cover Imagery on Wattpad

As I think most of you know, I posted the first chapter of Soulwoven on Wattpad this week. Part of that process involved some significant monkeying around with the placeholder cover image I generated for it, but the blog post on putting a chapter up had gotten long enough that I thought I'd post separately about the cover.

Eventually, I hope to have someone from the Wattpad community do me a snazzy, proper cover. There are a lot of forum threads in which people volunteer to make book covers for others, and they're pretty amazing.

But in the meantime, I decided to mock up a cover using a Wordle of the entire manuscript and Microsoft Paint (Yes, I work on a PC. Apple makes lots of nice things, but I abhor them as a company). I came up with the following:

Which is a bitmap of about 700x900 pixels. Now, when you post a story, Wattpad auto-generates a cover for your book that includes its title and your picture. It's actually not that bad, but I wanted my own cover image on there. Wattpad requires a .jpg or a .gif and suggests a resolution of 256x400. So I went into irfanview, which is an awesome, free, image editing program, and resized my cover mockup. Unfortunately, it left things a little stretched out, so I returned to the drawing board and started from scratch. After some fiddling and wrestling (my kingdom for Photoshop!), I got this:

Which uploaded easily as a .gif (when I tried to upload the original bitmap, it just didn't work--no error message, no explanation. The cover just didn't change). I went with a .gif rather than a .jpg because the colors washed out less.

Unfortunately, once uploaded to Wattpad, something terrible happens to your cover image. It gets all blurry and lossy and just generally gross. I made several unsuccessful attempts to fix this, and it seems to have happened to many more covers than just mine.

So my cover is uglier than it should be. But at least I have one. :-)

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  1. We have the same problems.....did you fixed yours now???