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Monday, September 8, 2014

Soulwoven Audiobook?

Okay guys, it's going to be a busy week here in Soulwoven land. Lots of news to relate, and we're starting with this:

I'm going to make a Soulwoven audiobook.

I've been going to conferences and talking to readers this summer, and two trends have emerged in my conversations:

1.) People love audiobooks. People who read lots of books love them even more.

2.) People like the way I read my own work. A lot. Every time I do a reading, I get lots of love afterward.

So I'm putting those two things together and thinking, "Alright, let's do an audiobook."

I've put a lot of time into researching how to do it, and I have a basic plan in place. I also fully expect there'll be lots of experimenting and failing and fun things to share along the way.

But before I do any of that, I want to hear from you.

I've put together a real quick survey for my readers about their interest in an audiobook version of Soulwoven. I want to make sure I give you guys what you want. And I have to decide how to much to invest in the project in terms of time and money.

So if you've got a few minutes, I'd be everlastingly appreciative if you filled it out. You can find it here.

Cheers, and come back tomorrow for bigger, better news.


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