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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Big Thing

So if you've been following my blog over the last few months, you may have noticed a few hints about exciting things on the horizon in my professional life. The most exciting of them has happened. As of today, I am officially a freelance editor for Carina Press, a digital-first imprint of Harlequin that publishes just about every genre of commercial fiction under the sun.

What's most exciting about this is that Carina doesn't use its freelancers in the standard "We acquire a book, you edit it," manner. I get to read my own slush, acquire my own titles, and work with my own authors. It's a lot like being an editor at a traditional house, except that I will stay in Colorado, work from home, and not have to bother with meetings, contracts, or P&L statements.

For you my loyal blog followers, it means the following: there will start to be posts from Jeff the editor creeping into the blog. They will be on subjects I consider interesting and useful to people who love to read or write fiction, like things I see too often in submissions and things I don't see often enough. In short, the scope of this blog is going to widen in good ways, and hopefully its audience will too.

There will still be plenty of posting about my own writing, as well, but I wanted to cue you into the good news and the upcoming changes. I have my first set of submissions already, and I am very much looking forward to digging into it.

Here's to the future, friends and readers. Let's hope it's a beautiful one.


  1. Congrats! That's so awesome. Perhaps you might indulge us on the process of how you acquired your editorial position. You know, what all you had to go through and do. I'm certainly interested in knowing.

    1. Sure thing! I knew early on as I was starting to get serious about being a writer that there was no sense in trying to count on making a living at it, so in college I started thinking about what sort of career might be a.) enjoyable and b.) contribute toward the end goal of becoming a better writer. Publishing jumped immediately to mind. I was lucky enough to attend a school with a strong alumni network in publishing, and through it I managed to get a couple of internships in publishing during my last two years of school. One of those was at Dorchester, whose problems eventually saw its editorial employees all finding other work. One of them now works at Carina, and through her I found out they were looking for freelancers, so I applied, took some editorial tests for them, and here we are. :-)