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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday Wordle: 4/7/12, Soulwoven: Exile, Chapter 17

I would call this a "Saturday Wordle," but that would totally throw off my grand tag scheme. In some alternate universe, it is surely still Friday right now, so if you like, feel free to assume this blog was posted there and somehow crossed its way over to our universe via Internet tube wormhole.

Anyway, this week saw me working on both Soulwoven: Exile and Soulwoven: Redemption, polishing in the first case and rough drafting in the second. Tsu'min's story in Exile is expanding significantly in this draft, which I like, because I find him a fascinating character. This chapter takes place alternately in his point of view and in Maegan (the daughter of Len Heramsun)'s.


So, names and eyes aside, what have we got here? Green and blue and ancient and gray and old, rock and wind and sky and summit and overhang. The imagery in this chapter was inspired in no small part by my experiences climbing volcanoes in Ecuador and New Zealand. The Wordle reflects that nicely, I think.

And if you ever have the chance to climb a volcano, take it. They are cool by definition.

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