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Saturday, March 16, 2013

News for the week of 3.16.13: Three Dances in Print, PWYW, and Soulwoven Keeps on Rollin'

Hello Dear Friends and Readers!

It’s been another exciting week! Soulwoven has continued its resurgence on Wattpad. On Monday, it shattered its old most-reads-in-a-day record, and a lot of new readers have been voting for it as well! Thanks a million to those who’ve done so. The votes mean a lot to me, and to the success of the story.

And there’s GOING TO BE A PRINT VERSION OF THREE DANCES! I finally cracked some last, lingering problems in InDesign, and I’m reviewing a galley proof of the book this weekend. It’ll go out to CreateSpace on Monday, and if all proceeds according to plan, it should be ready for the book launch on 4/13!

Speaking of which, I’m throwing a party for that. I wish I could invite you all, but since I can’t, I’ll do my best to get some video of it up the next day.

Three Dances has really dominated my week. There’s going to be a pay-what-you-want option available on my website, as well as a bundle that includes both ebook versions (there’ll be one for black and white Kindles and one for every other kind of ereader), a .PDF, and a signed copy of the printed book for you superfans out there. Keep an eye out for more info on that as the launch date gets closer.

In the meantime, I’ve posted “Shoes,” the second story in the collection, on Wattpad. It’s about a girl with something of a wandering sexuality who wakes up hung over in the bed of a goddess.

I told you these stories would be a bit more adult than Soulwoven, right? ;-)

In the background, I’m hammering away at Soulwoven: Exile for you. I think it’s coming together nicely so far.

Best St. Patty’s Day wishes to you, my dear friends. Thanks so much for coming on this ride with me. It’s all been amazing so far, and I feel like the rocket’s still just launching.

Yours in words,

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