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Monday, March 25, 2013

News for the Week of 3.25.13: Proof! A New Challenge! Soulwoven to Be Pubbed This Summer!

Dear Friends and Readers,

Apologies for posting late! I have been busy with things that are Not Writing of late, but they’re wrapping up shortly and I’m very much looking forward to spending a lot more time creating things in the near future.

There is, nevertheless, some news:

My proof copy of Three Dances arrived today! I was less enthused than I’d hoped to be by the quality of the printing. It’s exciting to have a book in print, but there’s definitely a homespunness to CreateSpace that I wasn’t expecting. It suits Three Dances well, actually, but I was a little underwhelmed all-in-all. The electronic editions are definitely better.

I also discovered a need to tweak the cover in a couple of places and a couple of interior problems, so there will be a new proof coming my way soon. Perhaps it will be made of sterner stuff than the first one was.

I shall post the third story in the collection, The Glacier, on Wattpad as soon as I’m done with this letter. It’s longer than the rest and forms the backbone of the collection. It’s about a man who falls into a glacier. It’s also about his friend, and about the glacier itself, and the mountains, and a dance in the time of myth that shaped the world.

In Soulwoven-related news, the book has almost hit 250,000 reads! I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. I’ve decided to publish the book this summer (probably in June or July), and as I cook up ways to promote it, I’ve run across one that sticks out. Wattpad has a (hidden) rank for its books called “All-Time.” Right now, Soulwoven is somewhere around 275 on that list. If it breaks into the top 100, I should be able to write some pretty compelling copy for it.

All it needs to do that is your votes.

Seriously, if all 178 of you vote for every chapter in the book, it’ll get there in the blink of an eye. So if I’ve moved or entertained you, do me a solid and throw some votes my way. To those of you who already have, thank you. :-)

Nadya is still waiting for agents to respond. Soulwoven: Exile has my (nearly) full attention this month; I hope to have the first chapter ready for you soon.

Thanks as always for being the wind in my sails,

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