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Friday, May 31, 2013

News for the Week of 5/31/13: Lateness and LOTS OF THINGS

Dear Friends and Readers,

Waagh! Sorry for the late update. Things have been a little crazy.

First, Soulwoven: Plans for the Kickstarter are coming along nicely. I’ve got a developmental and line editor in place (Rose Fox, who has an amazing eye and runs the speculative fiction reviews for Publisher’s Weekly---I have learned a lot from her just by reading her blog), and I’ve figured out the copy editor I want to work with as well. I just need to get in touch with him. I’ve also got a local company (F Stop Productions in Denver) lined up to do a killer video for it.

The survey to help design it is still open, and I could use more responses. Those of you who have responded already are awesome and I love you.

Second, Nadya: I’m working my way through final revisions now, and it’ll be out on submission by the end of next month barring any major setbacks. I’m very excited about it---it has love and loss and jokes and airships and fire spirits and science and lots of other fun things.

Third, Other Stuff: I had a very productive meeting with an agent last week when I should have been writing this update instead. We talked about a lot of things, but perhaps the most important is a collaborative project I want to do on Halloween this year. It’s going to involve a bunch of writers (pros and semipros and amateurs alike) staying up all night writing scary stories and Twittering, and it’s going to be awesome. More on that to come.

So that’s May in the life of Jeff. Hope your spring has sprung in a most lovely way.


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