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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

News for the Week of 6.12.13: Renaissance and The Craziest Summer

Greetings, dear friends and readers!

Ahh. It’s summertime, and I dunno about you, but I can feel it. Both in the ridiculously high temperatures outside and in the big jump in activity on Wattpad. Hello new followers and readers! Welcome to the party. I’m so glad you’ve come.

Soulwoven has experienced what is, for me, a very gratifying resurgence over the last couple of weeks, I assume as schools get out and people are looking for new things to read. It feels like a new lease on life for the book, and I’m thrilled that even seven months after I posted the full thing, new readers are finding it and loving it. Feedback and edits on the sequel are next on my to-do list, just as soon as I finish final revisions on Nadya, which should happen shortly (yay!).

Planning for the Kickstarter is going well also. The team and cost estimates are almost in place. The video should be shooting at the beginning of July. Shortly thereafter, as I move across the country, I’ll put it up.

Oh! That means it’s now time to line up PR for it. So if you have a blog, or you know someone who has a blog, or you’re a journalist or know someone who’s a journalist who covers these sorts of things, let me know. I’d love to send you/your acquaintances some information or do a guest post about just about anything you like.

In the meantime, I am working like a madman and the love of my life is thousands of miles away. So this is not my favorite summer of all time. But it has been an exciting one, and I’m glad you’re all along for the ride.

Cheers and summer fun,

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