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Friday, February 21, 2014

Soulwoven is OUT!


The book is OUT!

Soulwoven is live today in several places. On Kobo. On Amazon. On Barnes & Noble. If you're looking for a good read this weekend, I think we all know where you should turn...

Anyway, that aside, this moment is a big one for me. I'll write more in a bit about what the Kickstarter meant and what Wattpad meant and how this all fits into a life that I decided long ago would be dedicated to telling stories, but for now, I want to share some of my favorite reader quotes with you.

"This is the finest piece of literary work I've read in months."

"Very, very like a piece of steak."

"Once it picks up, it's impossible to put down."

and possibly the best one yet: "THIS BOOK IS SOOO DAMN AWESOME A.K.A COOOOOL!"

As time goes on, Soulwoven's going to get more reviews, from professionals and semiprofessionals and other readers. But these ones came from people who took a chance on it on Wattpad and found something well worth their time.

I hope you'll take a chance on it as well.

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