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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Banner Saga

Easing my way back into this blogging thing after a two-month hiatus during which crazy worktimes were had, and I want to start by highlighting an amazing review over at Fantasy-Faction (where, spoiler, I'm reviewing indie fantasy books this year).

It's not even for a book. It's for a video game, one I've been hearing lots about and have been on the fence about buying. In addition to being a great read in and of itself (tough to do in a review), this one has put me over the fence on getting it. Now it's on my Big Fun Stuff To-Do List, right after reading Old Man's War and Lies of Locke Lamora. Oh, and finishing Mass Effect.

But these things will happen, trust me.

Review here.

Also, Soulwoven comes out Friday. Da-yamn. You guys should all pick up copies. Print books will be available on Amazon, e-books on Amazon,, and Kobo.

I'll link, naturally, once there are links to be had. ;-)

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