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Monday, April 7, 2014

A Little Tease

My head cold has not gone away. It's abated a little bit. We're fighting them on the beaches, etc. But the battle's far from over and I'm finding it immensely hard to focus. In that environment, blog posting tends to be a backseat kind of endeavor, and once again I'm finding myself without the mental wherewithal to come up with something interesting to share with you.

So I'm going to cheat and share the first few paragraphs of Soulwoven: Exile with you instead. Because I want to talk about what I'm working on, and since I find myself unable to do that coherently, it makes sense to me to just let it talk for itself.

This is a third draft, I think. Maybe a fourth. I expect it'll change a little between now and the final version, but not too much. Like I talked about last week, it's now in line with the ending, and it introduces the themes and atmosphere and general direction that Soulwoven: Exile is going to follow.

I hope you enjoy it.

One hundred and seventeen days before the destruction of Nutharion City

            What was left of the light was fading.
            It was the gray time between sunset and full dark, when the world falls deeper into shadow second by second, and things lose their shapes. The time when you cling to the last shreds of light you can find, looking for shelter or a way to create your own illumination to keep the oncoming darkness at bay.
            Litnig grabbed for a root and missed.
            Cole caught his wrist and kept him from falling.


Feel free to discuss the directions you think the book might be heading in. I'd love to know.

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