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Monday, April 28, 2014


I've noticed, as I do the Skype calls with Soulwoven's Kickstarter backers, that a question keeps popping up: How are things in Indiana?

I don't know why the question surprises me; after all, most people don't live here. And most people I tell that I live here don't seem to have ever thought much about the place. I know I didn't before I came.

So I thought I'd take a moment to share. It's windy. Very windy what seems like every day but is probably much less often than that. It was also beastly cold this winter, but I think that can be said of most places in the U.S. this year. The soil is full of clay, at least where I am, which makes it very squidgy and a little hard to work with if you're planting things. But things also grow very well once you get them in the ground.

And the spring times are beautiful. This weekend was particularly gorgeous, and I spent most of it outside doing springly things around the house. I took some photos while I was at it, some of which are worth sharing.

This is the tree that hangs over the deck in my backyard. It has burst into enormous clouds of white flowers that smell a bit like fish, or, to my mind, something less mentionable in polite company. But when you're upwind of it, it's gorgeous.

This is the other tree in my backyard. There's a cardinal in this picture, a bright red one that looks just like the cardinals that serve as sports mascots. It's in the lower-left quadrant, where two branches come together, and it's much harder to find in the photo than it was in real life.

Same tree, different bird. This photo has a woodpecker in it, just about dead center, perched on top of the knobbly bit in the tree. It's very difficult to spot, even knowing it's there. There are many kinds of birds here. It rained this morning, and in the afternoon there were robins, woodpeckers, and a third kind of bird I'm not familiar with bathing in a puddle on the street.

This is what it looks like almost every afternoon and evening looking west from my deck, unless it's cloudy or raining.

This is my cat, who is queen of the stoop and guardian of the steps that lead to the deck.

Near my house there is a Wal-Mart. And near that Wal-Mart there is a pond that was full of birds this weekend. There were several of these herons.

This is my cat's idea of helping me clean the deck, which had a rough winter and fall. Or maybe she's just waiting for me to finish so she can go back outside and stalk birds and squirrels a little more.

And that's what life in Indiana is like, on its best days. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it's cloudy for days on end and drives me crazy, but there are always good bits to balance out the bad.

Work on Soulwoven: Exile continues. I am still in the midst of researching deep dark things, but I should be out of it and applying my hard-won knowledge to scenes soon.

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