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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's SALE DAY! Watch Me Get My Promotion On

Just a reminder, SOULWOVEN is on sale today for $.99 at, and for corresponding prices worldwide. Look at all the nice things people have had to say about it!

"Seymour lets these characters--and their private struggles--command the narrative...Seymour's artful perfectionism will have readers clamoring for the sequel." - Kirkus Reviews

"Soulwoven is a call back to the classic Epic Fantasy of Tolkien, or Weis and Hickman, with fantastic, believable characters that grow and change... A great read and a great time." - The Speculative Post

"This book is a comfort read. A world inspired by the medieval ages perhaps - castles, farm boys, magic and an ancient evil. For us having grown up on traditional high fantasy, it's sort of coming back to the centre of our worlds. But the verdict is, that Jeff can spin an alluring tale of magic and dragons. And spin it so well that we're willing to let the tropes lie by the roadside while we enjoy this old-fashioned tale thoroughly. And be hungry for more." - Smorgasbord Fantasia

"I am one of the original backers of this book, and I would say that was money well invested." - Goodreads review

"This is one intense fantasy world." - Goodreads review

"I found this to be a quick and enjoyable read, and wish I had the next one in hand so I could read on" - review

"I picked this up and found that I couldn't put the book down until I was finished." - review

"Very, very like a piece of steak." - Wattpad review

All that goodness can be yours for $.99. Grab it now!

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