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Friday, May 23, 2014

News for the Week of 5.23.14: Sometimes I Write Things That Aren't Novels

Greetings, dearest readers!

Time for another post full of news and updates!

FIRST! The fire sale for Soulwoven went pretty darn well. The book sold more copies than it ever has in a day before, sending it up the Amazon bestseller rankings and, more importantly, giving a bunch of people a chance to check it out on the cheapies. Many thanks to everybody who boosted the signal—you were a huge part of making that happen. It’s still on sale for$2.99 on Amazon through 5/28, so if you missed the fire sale, you can still get in on the water sale (or something).

SECOND! I’m splashing around in the waters of short fiction and it feels SO GOOD. I’ve got two stories that are just about ready to head out on submission, and I’m being more active about pushing some others. One-sentence summaries, just to whet your appetites!

- A look at what the future of mixed martial arts might look like if we decide to replace the bodies in the cage with remote-controlled android replicas.

- A loving, tongue-in-cheek sendup of fantasy gaming tropes wherein a goblin officeworker with midlife ennui and a heart of gold discovers just how much you can find at the bottom of a Bottomless Bag.

- A postapocalyptic reimagining of the Icarus myth involving a walking Colossus and finger-wings of wax.

- A somewhat modernist take on fairy tales, art, and what one does with the gifts one receives in childhood.

So if you know anybody who publishes a magazine that pays pro or semi-pro rates and might be interested, hit me up.

THIRD! I’m writing essays. There are some Big Things that come up in Soulwoven: Exile, and I want to talk about them because they’re important. I won’t be publishing anything until the book’s out because spoilers, but I’m scouting out markets for them as well.

Thanks again to everybody who’s left stars or a review for Soulwoven, especially if it was on Amazon (which, sadly, seems to have more clout than anybody else these days). You guys are the wind in my sails.

Yours in excited ink,


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