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Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Wordle: 2/10/12, Chapter 10, Soulwoven Book Two

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

And that means it's Wordle time. I'm trying to strike a balance these days between working on the first draft of Soulwoven's Book Three and the third draft of Book Two. Since I shared a Wordle from Book Three last week, I figured I'd share one from Book Two this week.

Chatper 10 of Book Two is about Tsu'min's past. He begins to take on a much more central role in the opening chapters of the book, and here we start to learn why he is the way he is--what drives the anger in him and why he can be so cold sometimes. A lot of that revolves around the characters Mi'ame (whose existence is hinted at in book one) and Maegan (who is new in book two), which is why their names appear so large. The eyes are back as well, because Tsu'min spends a lot of time in this chapter staring down Maegan as she asks questions about him.

What I love about this Wordle is that it captures so many of the important details of the chapter. It takes place on and around a barge, and words like "bloody," "shattered," "wanted," "pale," "pierced," "never," "chest," "cried," "cold," "guilt," and "pain," pretty much sum up what's going on here. If you skip over the names and body parts, you get a very good sense of the atmosphere of the chapter, and I just love that.

More blogging to come next week. Happy weekend!

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