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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Wordle: 2/24/12, Chapter 11, Soulwoven Book Two

Happy Friday! And happy Wordle. This week I've been working on Chapter 11 of the second book of Soulwoven, which takes place from Dil's point of view and starts to set up the trajectory her and Cole's story is going to take over the next two books.

Interestingly, you would think that the chapter focuses around Cole from the Wordle, although it really doesn't in real life. His name appears 15 times to Dil's six, but the word "she" is used 29 times, mostly to refer to Dil. (Wordle doesn't show common English words like "she," because then all Wordles would look more or less the same). Anyway, other words of note seem to be clustered towards the right side of the Wordle: "rain," "hands," "squeezed," "dawn," "hard," "away," etc.

That's all for now. The sun is shining and the apocalyptic winds of midweek seem to have blown on to someplace else, for which I am glad. Looking forward to getting outside a bit over the next few days. And spring is just around the corner! Hooray!

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