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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Wordle: 2/3/12, Chapter 17, Soulwoven: Redemption

Hello and salutations! It's Friday, and that means it's time for another Wordle. This week's was generated from my great accomplishment of the week: Chapter 17 of Soulwoven: Redemption (the third book in the story), which represented the breaking of the writer's block dam I had been struggling with for a few days. Without further ado:

Want to know what my favorite part about this Wordle is? The fact that the word "eyes" appears in very small type at the edge of the design. BAM! One of the things I was wondering when I began this Wordle-by-chapter experiment (something I've never done before) was whether my heavy use of that word stretched across every chapter, or whether it was clustered in particular places. I'm quite gratified to learn that I don't use it everywhere. I was also gratified to notice, as I was reading a short story collection of his this week, that Neil Gaiman uses it quite often as well.

So! This chapter takes place in a town called Violan in Dil's point of view. The important moment in it is a conversation between her and Cole in which she is watching him very carefully. Hence the importance of his name in the Wordle. Other big words, like "want," "make," and "normal," hint at the direction their conversation takes. I'm always gratified when the word "want" appears in these things. It's a powerful, powerful word that lies at the center of all great stories.

Other notes: "Pyell" is the name of a character who appears in Book Two of Soulwoven and has quite an impact on the direction of Cole and Dil's lives. "Cara" appears at the very end of Book Two and is becoming more important as Book Three stretches on (I'm really coming to like her--I can't wait to see where her story goes).

Random Wordle sentence for the week: "Cara found whole sun inside stone."

In other news, it dumped snow on us last night and my girlfriend got the day off of work because the roads are terrible. Not to be outdone, I'm taking one off as well.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Kobolds, Jeff! I think I'm going to like this chapter. I look forward to meeting Cara and Pyell.

    Although "eyes" doesn't get heavy usage, I'm curious about the other body words that show up on the Wordle... back, chest, feet, arms, hair, hand, face. I predict that this arises out of some wonderful, detailed description as Dil is watching Cole. Can't wait. :-)

    Ok, back to snow day!